Offering SEO for fashion brands

8. Januar 2016 / Katrin Wellenberg
SEO notebook

The new year has started and we have had time to investigate our future agency outlook. Being a Sales & Marketing agency with a focus on PR, we have decided to perform a shift  from PR towards Online Marketing, as times are changing and calling for more attention with regard to the digital world. We have always offered SEM services in the form of Google Adword campaign management to our clients, but we are taking things a step further now by offering to analyze your website or shop and bringing to paper a holistic concept including a step-by-step guideline that will help you set the sails towards more prominent positioning within the search engine results lists.  SEO is something you learn by doing. We will guide you through improving the user experience on your site, we will help you create strong copy around the relevant keywords and we will support you within the linkbuilding process. We will of course stay true to our core concept by offering our services mainly to fashion brands, who are looking to enhance traffic on their website and increasing awareness for their brand. We are right now working on a first project and will soon present the results. Stay tuned! This will be brilliant!

SEO notebook

This book includes our SEO secrets collection and oh, don´t you love my nailcolour?



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