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7. Juni 2015 / Katrin Wellenberg

Hello dear cashmere lover,

you have come across our blog and I´m sure you´ve found us for a reason! You may love cashmere items,

follow our instagram or maybe you have heard about us via a friend. What matters is, that you´ve come to read what we have to say. Today, that would be our personal

declaration of love! Dear reader, whoever you may be,  you are our reason to dedicate countless hours in the day taking pictures, composing copy, thereby sharing our

fashion favorites with you on a regular basis! We are proud and thankful to count you among our readers/clients. We are interested in your needs and passions and would love for you

to drop us a line. Tell us what you enjoy reading. Let us know what topics to elaborate on!

Today we would like to provide some news from The Travelwrap Company UK- our favorite cashmere supplier.  It´s a pleasure to announce an upcoming ombre-ish special edition Travelwrap line, which will be launched in August 2015 (see picture above) . The Travelwrap Company have taken their beautiful collection to the next level with these beautiful new designs.

Besides the many classic Travelwraps, we will soon enjoy complementary accessories. Stay tuned. We will keep you posted.


Katie and the attrACT Team


A beautiful cashmere goat. The Travelwrap Company sources its cashmere from Inner Mongolia. All items are made in Scotland.

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