A day in Salzburg

9. Dezember 2014 / Katrin Wellenberg

We are approaching the end of the year, and working in fashion, we are planning ahead the new fall / winter collections for 2015.

We went to Salzburg and met up with the German / Austrian haikure team for that matter!

After the work was done, we strolled across town and paid a visit to the beautiful „Christmas market.“ These are our snapshots for you:


5 am: Bye Bye Munich!


7 am: A ride on the railjet train begins. Well equipped with literature and tea!


2 pm: Thumbs up for a great look- seen at the Christmas market in Salzburg


Let´s look at it again!


Spotting our Travelwraps in the windows at Dantendorfer!

IMG_20141209_184531 IMG_20141209_191935

3.30 pm: Salzburg in all its beauty!

Thanks for having us, Salzburg!





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