18. November 2014 / Katrin Wellenberg

beautiful inside-out

Every now and then, when the winter brags about its picturesque snowscapes that come with cold and nasty days and nights, I love to sip on a cup of tea – whether that be chai tea blends with their X-Mas-y spices, classic green tea blends or a special edition herbal tea selection.

My most recent discovery comes in the most stylish tea tin I´ve seen in my life. Samova tea have come up with a special edition tea collection, designed exclusively for Stuttgart´s most prominent fashion department store Breuninger. The tin comes with a beautiful Swarovski-cristals embroidered lid. There are four different selections available with such names as „Breuninger love“,  „Breuninger spirit“, „Breuninger nights“ and -my current favorite-„Breuninger moments“.

Drinking tea to me always evokes a feel of elegance. My Swarovski embroidered tea tin now underlines this luxurious winter ceremony.  I hope y´all enjoy a cup yourself very soon! It won´t make winter go away, but it will change everything!





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