Hello stranger, the attrACT Marketing team awaits you!

You have come across our website for a reason. You may look for a professional sales agent, or you may be in need of a dedicated Marketing team in Munich, Germany. Good news is: attrACT is your place to be.



We are a dedicated team of marketing and communication savy people with one common passion: Building, evolving and maintaining fashion brands!


From the moment you sign up to our services, we will foster your brands and products with care and caution. Whether you need help with creating powerful website copy or looking for someone to fully represent your brand within the German speaking countries, we will be your solid grounds.

Our experienced sales rep will take every effort to grow your list of stockists considerably. We cater to more than 200 retailers across three countries.

Our Marketing rep will help you achieve your goals. From generating valuable copy for your website and blog, to keeping  track of your SEO efforts and working out new action plans with you, we are all about progress.

Besides consulting services, we also offer copywriting and translations (also for non fashion related brands and products). Please see: http://www.attract-fashion.com/services/



Our agency was founded in 2010 by myself with a mission to represent extraordinary European and U.S. brands that promise quality manufacturing in accordance with high social and environmental standards. This is what we do today and I am proud of how we built this business from scratch, me starting out with little experience in this industry. But we have proved our ability and persistance to grow solidly.  And you can be sure, we will do the same for your business.


„Attention- Awareness-Attraction“

You found us, you may like us, but eventually you will love us!


Katrin Wellenberg


Founder & Managing Director